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regarding f(x)’s situation.

I’m sorry, but I’ve been browsing through the tags and people are saying various groups have went through promotions with one of their members absent due to physical injuries. Please take note: physical injuries.

Sulli’s case is different….


person: “hey can i have some of your food?”


you’re so cute.

지금은 소녀시대 , 앞으로도 소녀시대 , 영원히 소녀시대!

Right now it’s Girls’ Generation, from now on it’s Girls’ Generation, forever Girls’ Generation!


when u stand up 2 fast n suddenly ur floatin thru space n time

True Love


no no, it’s fine, ill text myself back

Q: [Your] way to have revenge on a boyfriend who cheated?
A: I should just live happily.